In 2018, Veronica and her daughter Terri became three time People's Choice winners at the Festival of Trees in Saskatoon making them back to back winners for the favourite designer Christmas Tree. 

In 2017, Veronica and her daughter Terri became two time People's Choice Winners at the Saskatoon Festival of Trees for their "Season of Romance" designer tree.

In 2015, the Terrace was featured on season two of City TV Saskatchewan's hit show, The Prairie Diner. The Prairie Diner has host Jody Peters visit various restaurants across the prairies as he searches for "hidden gems where food and experience connect." You can watch our episode (Season II, Episode 1 - Big, Bold & Beautiful) online here


Each year, Veronica Prokopiw and her daughter Terri design a Christmas tree for the Saskatoon Festival of Trees, as sponsored by the Terrace. In 2014, our Beauty & the Beast themed tree was featured on CTV Saskatoon News in a segment that can be viewed online here.


In 2013, the Terrace was featured in a CBC News Saskatchewan article titled 10 Intriguing Restaurants in Rural Saskatchewan.


Jodie Peters and crew from the tv series "The Prairie Diner"

"Beauty and the Beast" People's Choice Winner Festival of Trees  2014

"Season of Romance" People's Choice Winner Festival of Trees 2017

"Gatsby Christmas" People's Choice Winner Festival of Trees  2018